Franciacorta – La Valle 

Franciacorta 是意大利唯一的香檳區,Franciacorta是必定依照法國香檳做法而製造的汽泡酒。有等於”意大利”的香檳。🍾

由 Pezzola family所擁有的 La Valle位於 Rodengo Saiano, Italy,是Franciacorta區的中心,是一個美麗的丘陵地區。

由公元二千年地殻移動導致海底升上來,原本海底的土地被震動升上地面。成就了今日擁有天然海洋生物化石的葡萄園,La Valle葡萄園中的菊石(可參考圖中有貝殼形的圖片)更是和同時發現侏羅紀的起源。La Valle 有超過1億年歷史悠久的土地作非凡的葡萄園,所出產的Franciacorta必有其個人之處及釀酒方法。***而地殼移動導致有海洋生物化石並不是所有Franciacorta都具有 , 而只有La Valle是屬於天然海洋生物化石的葡萄園。*** 因此La Valle的葡萄酒更為珍貴!

歷史悠久的葡萄園與在La Valle細心種植下,使葡萄擁有香氣濃郁的特殊香味和味道,令所釀出的葡萄酒散發出獨有的礦物質和風味。
這些特權和特殊條件使 La Valle 成為Franciacorta之中知名以及高質量和的Franciacorta品牌。 



Cantina La Valle was founded in 1991 in Rodengo Saiano, a beautiful hilly area  in the heart of Franciacorta, in a beautiful hilly area very dear to the Pezzola family. It is a charming region, with a peculiar geological conformation and pretty ancient soils, which date back from the Jurassic Age. The winery owes its name to the main area of land of the estate called “La Valle”, which has been owned by the family since 1890.

It all began in a historic cellar dating back to the 1400s, which was renovated by the family in 2010, creating a space entirely dedicated to winemaking and ageing, and giving life to a model of innovation and technology. In this way, poetry and technique, past, future and a great deal of passion are merged into a single reality, which is fully reflected in the expression: “From nature, for nature. 


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