Champagne Prestige Des Sacres 自1960年代起至今超過60年歷史,由60多位不同葡萄酒商家組合成立。酒莊位於Montagne de Reims 香檳產區的中心地帶,有115 公頃葡萄園由40多個不同的小園組成,其中 5 個更被歸類為“一級園”“Premier Cru。主要種植4款不同的葡萄,包括:chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot meunier 等。大多出產的香檳都超過AOC要求的陳釀時間,令每一款產品推出時都有驚人的表現。

Prestige Des Sacres 香檳的精髓與法國的歷史密不可分。1722年路易十五加冕,Turenne親王指定了100枝Prestige Des Sacres所出的香檳作為加冕用酒,當時,慶祝活動中供應的葡萄酒就是來自Champagne Prestige Des Sacres酒莊。為了向豐富的歷史致敬,而以PRESTIGE DES SACRES這個名字命名酒莊,並於酒標加入皇家色彩,符號等設計。

睇完係咪好想飲一啖皇室指定的香檳呢! 機會來啦! APlus Fine Wine 將會有來自Champagne Prestige Des Sacres 4款皇牌香檳。唔同價錢都有:包括: 入門版 – 香氣過人的 Brut Nature ; 進階版 – 濃厚絲滑的 Brut Prestige ; 經典版 – 礦物豐富的 Blanc de Blancs Cuvée Dynastie ; 特別版 – 經木桶的 Cuvee 30&3。



The story began in the early 1960s, inspired by René Lamblot and a handful of winegrowers from Janvry near Reims, who decided to join forces and pool their resources to craft their own Champagne. Their aim was to promote their terroir – the western slopes of the Montagne de Reims.

The years went by and the small group expanded; the founding fathers were joined by several other winegrowers who shared the same desire for solidarity and mutual assistance.

Today, the 60 winegrowers of the PRESTIGE DES SACRES Champagne are writing their own story centred on a shared passion. They champion the values passed down from generation to generation and tend their vines by applying well-thought out, considered methods to offer the very best grapes.

Our 115-hectare vineyard on the western slopes of the Montagne de Reims is made up of 40 different crus, 5 of which are classified as “Premier Cru”.

Our vines benefit from 4 different terroir typicities, which offer them an impressive diversity crucial for the quality of our blends.

PRESTIGE DES SACRES Champagne is testimony to the excellence of our terroir, the work and dedication of our winegrowers and the expertise of our cellar master.
The quality of our Champagnes is due, in part, to the diversity of our grapes, which are fully mastered and carefully monitored.

– Winegrowers inspired by the values of sharing and mutual assistance driven by a sense of humanity and passed on from generation to generation.

– Integrated winemaking that respects nature and our terroir. Tending the vines every day to obtain the very finest grapes.

– Meticulous selection to retain only the very best and thus ensure the constant quality of our blends.

– The expertise of our Cellar Master who enhances the grapes using winemaking methods that respect the Champagne region’s traditions whilst being attentive to each individual wine.

– Cuvees crafted from the three Champagne grape varieties grown exclusively on our vineyard, offering delicacy, fruitiness, elegance and crispness.

– Aged in our cellars for longer than Champagne AOC requirements and with additional ageing for several months after disgorging to give cuvees that are matured to perfection.

– Our fundamental values are passion, heritage, respect for nature, the desire to work together and sharing.





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